Aquaponic Fish Production Tour

Friday, August 14, 2015 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm
St. Stephens Community House, 1500 E. 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43219
Project AquaStar is a multifaceted aquaponics, waste reduction, and composting business enterprise operated by St. Stephens Community House in the Linden Neighborhood of Columbus. The site includes an aquaponics system utilizing six 1,200 gallon tanks. Aquaponics is a synergistic production technique in which fish and plants are grown together in the same system. The fish waste feeds the growing plants and the plants in turn clean and filter the water that returns to the fish environment. Tilapia fish are produced in this system in an effort to help address food insecurity in the Linden community. 

Directions: From I-71, take the 17th St. exit and go east toward Cleveland Ave. Cross Cleveland Ave. and after about 2,000 feet, St. Stephens Community House will be on the left. Turn right into the parking area. Project Aquastar is directly ahead.