Intersectionality of Change Session 1: Understanding the Intersectionality of Change

Thursday, February 25, 2021 - 4:00pm to 5:15pm

Please join The Sports and Society Initiative for "Intersectionality of Change," a four-part series looking at how sports can empower people to use their voices and become change agents for social justice. We encourage the community to come together and craft a narrative for impact and will provide a space to explore key topics and motivate attendees to act on what is discussed. Our goal is to see what change has taken place and how can we continue it.

Session Dates

Session one focuses on "Understanding the Intersectionality of Change" and will involve a 45-minute talk, followed by 30-minute breakout room session for more detailed and personal conversation with thought leaders that include:

  • Big Ten Network broadcaster Joshua Perry
  • Kwame Agyemang, Associate Professor at Ohio State
  • Myles Marshall, president of Redefining Athletic Standards
  • Yannick Kluch, assistant professor at Rowan University and core team member, Team USA Council on Racial and Social Justice