September 10, 2019 - 12:27pm --

A move to the country seven years ago along with her parents sharing their valuable 4-H and FFA experience sparked Joyona’s interest in agriculture. A once in a lifetime experience was spent with New York Jets linebacker and Tennessee 4-H alum, Avery Williamson at his Milan, Tennessee farm.

Avery took Joyona through a typical day on the farm. They tended to the cows in the pen and out into the pasture, moved hay into storage to ensure the cows will have food for the winter, and harvested vegetables from the garden. She said, “this taught me how much hard work it takes to be a farmer.”  Which is exactly what Avery told her that the farm taught him. In exchange for the lesson in farming, Joyona taught Avery the church clap line dance. When asked about her most memorable moment of the day, Joyona couldn’t pick one moment. The entire day made a lasting impression that she will take with her as she continues her 4-H career and works toward her dream career of becoming a cattle farmer. You may watch a short video of Avery and Joyona's adventures by clicking here.

When asked how 4-H has impacted her life Joyona said, “It has taught me responsibility, time management, and being committed to my projects both in and out of 4-H. It has given me many new life experiences. It has taught me to be a better role model and to become a better leader.” Avery echoed this when sharing his 4-H experience. Please click here to learn more about joining Franklin County 4-H.