April 11, 2017 - 12:23pm -- salyers.50@osu.edu

Now is the time to wake up and spring forward into a new health routine. Don’t just reset your clocks; reset your lifestyle with a renewed commitment to making small but vital changes. Join OSU Extension, Franklin County as our Family Consumer Sciences program area begins the Spring Forward 4 Health Email Challenge. Participation is free! Two email messages filled with encouraging links and a health tracking log will be sent to each participant starting April 10. The challenge runs through May 22, 2017.

To enjoy health and wellness activities this spring, please email http://go.osu.edu/FRAN17SP to enroll in our email challenge. For more information, contact Family and Consumer Sciences Educator, Marilyn Rabe at rabe.9@osu.edu or 614-866-6900 x215.