March 3, 2017 - 11:55am -- Anonymous

Kunlé Gaiusbayode completed the Community Development’s Individual Development Account (IDA) program this past summer. The IDA program allows income-eligible individuals to engage with a hands-on experience with saving and accumulating money to help with college education, homeownership, and small businesses. As part of the IDA program, participants attend OSU Extension, Franklin County’s financial literacy workshops to acquire the skills needed to help them accumulate assets.

Kunlé completed the IDA program to assist in paying for his college education. Kunlé is currently a senior at Central State University, where is studying Marketing. Kunlé is also an active member of the Central State track team, and has previously served with the student leadership as the 2017 Class representative and a member of the modeling group Iconic Models.

Through the IDA program, Kunlé built upon his prior banking knowledge and was able to save money to help pay for his college textbooks and tuition. “I learned about different accounts, banking methods, and then ways to invest your money,” said Kunle.

The lessons Kunlé took away from the IDA program have helped with his studies and in his career. This winter, Kunlé completed an internship with State Farm Insurance, and with the knowledge gained from the financial literacy course, he was able to assess how other people saved.

Kunlé learned about the IDA course through Susan Colbert, Franklin County OSU Extension, Community Development Program Director. Kunlé met Susan many years ago through community involvement and has remained in touch her. He continues to give Susan updates on his college career. Susan informed Kunlé of this opportunity to complete the IDA program. If you are interested in more information about the financial literacy course or other community development programs, please contact Susan Colbert, or any member of our Community Development team by calling 614 297-361.