November 1, 2016 - 4:33pm -- Anonymous

Healthy snacking isn’t always a fun topic to talk about, especially when you’re teaching a group of elementary school children, but that doesn’t mean the message won’t stick! In fact, for one young participant in a recent OSU Extension, Franklin County SNAP-Ed (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education) program, that lesson led to chucking a bag of Cheetos in the trash.

After learning the importance of reading nutrition facts labels, one young girl from the Boys and Girls Club at the Reeb Avenue Center in Columbus’ South Side neighborhood took a closer look at the back of her afternoon snack and decided that Cheetos weren’t a good choice because they “had way too much fat.” As part of the lesson on healthy snacking and nutrition facts labels, the youth learned how to identify foods that have a lot of sugar, fat, and sodium, based on the recommended daily value percentages in each serving. Brooke Moeller, the OSU Extension, Franklin County SNAP-Ed program assistant who taught the program said she's watched many children take in the nutrition lessons and become empowered to make healthy changes at home. “They're able to take the knowledge from the lessons and hands-on activities we do and apply it to their lives, especially when we use examples of their favorite foods or drinks,” she said.

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