February 1, 2018 - 11:00am -- salyers.50@osu.edu

Franklin County Master Gardener Volunteers are expanding their educational reach at this year’s Columbus Dispatch Home and Garden Show.  In addition to the popular Ask A Master Gardener  booth at the show, Feb 17-25, this year Master Gardener Volunteers will build and staff The Edible Garden, a live garden featuring vegetables, herbs, fruit, and even tea!  “We realized that the Home and Garden Show gardens did not have any vegetables, or other edibles, so our Master Gardener Volunteers decided to build a garden of edibles where we can demonstrate and teach how to grow edibles,” said Mike Hogan, OSU Extension Educator for Franklin County.
The garden will include raised beds and various container gardens. It will be staffed during the show by OSU Extension Master Gardeners, and hands-on educational programs will be offered each day.  The Edible Garden is presented by Franklin County OSU Extension Master Gardeners with support from Lowes and DeMonye’s Greenhouse.  The Edible Garden is located in booths #2621, 2623, 2720, 2722. Below is the schedule of dates, times, and programs for the Edible Garden booths.

Saturday, February 17th

12:00     Growing Nutritious Berries in the Backyard

2:00       How to Grow Blueberries in a Sack

4:00       Soil Basics


Sunday, February 18th

1:00       Easy Propagation of Succulents and Hardwood Cuttings

3:00       Food Insecurity, Food Deserts, and Community Gardens


Monday, February 19th

11:00     How to Plant a Garden in the Ground or in a Raised Bed


3:00       How to Construct and Plant a Square Foot Garden


Wednesday, February 21st

1:00       How to Transplant

3:00       Starting Vegetables from Seeds


Thursday, February 22nd

1:00       The Ohio Governor’s Residence and Heritage Garden

3:00       How to Grow in a Container


Friday, February 23rd

2:00       Composting at Home

4:00       Grafting Fruit Trees

6:00       How to Read a Plant Label


Saturday, February 24th 

12:00     Native Tree and Shrub Favorites, Pros, Cons, and Where to Plant

2:00       Growing Your Teas in a Pot

4:00       Five Native Flowers to Grow


Sunday, February 25th

12:00     Starter Herbs to Enrich Your Garden

2:00       Pest Control with Row Covers