June 13, 2017 - 11:04am -- salyers.50@osu.edu

"Life is complicated," is one youth participant's realization after completing the "Real Money. Real World." (RMRW) curriculum. The RMRW events allow youth to experience a realistic, hands-on preview into the financial responsibilities of an adult. During the event, youth are given a career and a base income to help them learn how to financially prioritize needs versus wants. 

RMRW events are most successful with the involvement of parent and community volunteers. Two instrumental volunteers are Cathy Beaber of the Credit Union of Ohio and Jackie Chivington, the Community Outreach Chair for the Columbus Mortgage Banker’s Association. These ladies continue to provide great support in organizing the events and helping to recruit volunteers. In the 2016-2017 school year, OSU Extension staff and volunteers reached over 2,100 youth in eight Franklin County area schools to provide this fun age-appropriate lesson in financial literacy.

For more information about the Real Money, Real World program, or to learn how you can bring the program to your school or organization, click here or contact FCS Educator Jenny Lobb for more information.