Program Areas

  1. 4-H Youth
    Explore Franklin County 4-H

    Preparing Youth for Success

  2. Mission Statement

    Ohio State University Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources empowers Ohio’s agriculture and natural resources communities, provides outreach and education based on unbiased research, and cultivates relationships to strengthen the economic viability and quality of life for Ohioans.

  3. Advancing Employment and Income Opportunities

  4. Shoppers at a local farmers market.

    Better Lives, Stronger Communities

  5. 4-H CARTEENS is a traffic safety program conducted by 4-H teen leaders and their program partners for juvenile traffic offenders. 4-H CARTEENS goals include:

  6. food lesson

    EFNEP (Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program) is a free nutrition education program for low-income adults with children and for youth in schools where a majority of the students qualify for free/reduced lunch. OSU Extension, Franklin County also offers EFNEP programs for non-English speaking families (currently available in Spanish and Somali). 

  7. Ohio Noxious Weed Guide
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