Brundige Legacy Foundation

We are pleased to announce the creation of a wonderful opportunity for the Franklin County Extension 4-H Program. The Brundige Legacy Foundation has been established at The Columbus Foundation. The fund seeks to provide grant opportunities to Franklin County 4-H members and clubs at the county level along with the 4-H Professionals. It is our intent by offering grant awards within Franklin County that there will be new opportunities generated for 4-H youth development. The program guidelines are as follows:


  • Up to $1,000 per proposal

Applicant Eligibility 

  • Any 4-H members and/or clubs in Franklin County 4-H
  • 4-H Professionals

Any 4-H club applying must have a current Ohio 4-H club charter, an active checking account, and follow all Ohio 4-H requirements and guidelines for club finance management. Check will be made in the club’s name. 4-H Professionals can request funding through the Franklin
County 4-H EIN or through 4-H Council.

Submit up to a two-page letter summarizing the following:

  • the project
  • the financial support requested,
  • the dates and locations of the planned activities

The application is a rolling process with no deadline. However, the Foundation desires to be a lead partner and requests that projects be submitted at least three-six months before the anticipated activities.

Address: The Brundige Legacy Foundation
Attention: Steven Moore
The Columbus Foundation
1234 E. Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43205
(614) 251-4000



  • Up to $1,000 to support program activities.
  • Franklin County 4-H member/club grants will be awarded to 4-H Club treasuries with current financial requirements that are up to date.
  • 4-H members can request grants once they receive their 4-H Advisor’s recommendation and support. Funds will go through the club treasury. How does this happen?
  • Any unused grant funds will be returned to the Foundation.

Documents to be Submitted:

  • Up to a two-page proposal with information about the activities, goals, staff and/or volunteers involved, etc.
  • Preference will be given to proposals that have an impact on positive youth development.
  • Consider involving 4-H members in a variety of capacities.
  • Ideas can include ways that 4-H youth can reach the community with meaningful and sustainable impact.
  • It is a hope that proposals will include some financial or in-kind support from other sources.
  • All proposals should include a budget that clearly describes costs to be met by the Brundige Legacy Foundation and those provided by other parties. Budgets should be submitted in a table and a more descriptive narrative form with bullet points.