Watch the 2021 Ohio 4-H Conference Session about creating welcoming environments in 4-H clubs. 

Fast Fourward Together: Making Welcoming 4-H Clubs -
2022 NAE4-HYDP Conference Presentation

Assess how your club is currently performing:

It's important for 4-H advisors to occasionally assess and evaluate how well their club is doing in terms of offering positive youth development programming for the youth that it is serving. Use this assessment tool to identify areas that need improvement in your 4-H club. Any area that is marked as "sometimes" or "hardly ever" is an opportunity to improve! Be honest with yourself. This assessment is an opportunity to grow and set your club up for success.

Club Assessment Tool (online version)

Club Assessment Tool (print version)

Club Assessment Score Card

Improve your club meetings:

Meetings Matter Handout

Helping New 4-H Families

Communicating with 4-H Families

Creating a 4-H Club Welcome Committee

Utilizing Club Committees

How to Create a Google Site for 4-H Clubs




Other Resources:

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