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LiFEsports is a unique partnership between The Ohio State University’s College of Social Work and its Department of Athletics, and Department of Recreational Sports, LiFEsports – Learning in Fitness and Education through Sports – is aiming to advance the practice of youth development nationally and internationally. In Franklin County, they partner with 4-H to bring youth hands-on learning opportunities such as ChickQUEST and healthy eating demonstrations.

The program works to address the issues many of today’s youth face on a daily basis such as unmet basic needs; are involved with anti-social peers; experience family conflict and instabilities; and suffer from emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues. The initiative works to address these issues through three primary strategies.

  1. Increase the number and quality of sport and recreational programs that are designed to promote positive youth development among at-risk youth.
  2. Increase the number of highly skilled youth development professionals in the field.
  3. Build knowledge and best practices in the areas of youth development, social work, and physical activity as well as inform youth development policy.

If you would like additional information about LiFEsports please contact 4-H Youth Development Educator, Becky Wade-Mdivanian