When you hear the word 4-H it is likely that community clubs come to mind. However, 4-H is this and so much more! Youth do not need to join a year-round club to become a member of 4-H because there are thoughtful, educational opportunities that take place in schools, after school programs and other locations throughout the year. Franklin County 4-H professionals are also available for one-time presentations, but it is our belief that extended project-based learning, where a subject can be explored in depth with a caring adult, has a more positive impact on youth in terms of leadership, citizenship, public speaking experience and knowledge of that topic area.

School Enrichment Activities

  • ChickQuest: ChickQuest: A Classroom Journey through the Life Cycle of Chickens is a curriculum that challenges students to use science, engineering, and technology to investigate the life cycle of an embryonic chicken egg. Whether monitoring eggs or observing fluffy chicks, students will participate in a number of activities designed to pique curiosity, encourage collaboration, and provide young scientists with unforgettable experiences. Designed for grades 3 and 4, but available for all age groups, the curriculum is available for purchase at our OSU Extension, Franklin County office.  In the interest of the health and wellness of the chicks, we are only able to accept chicks February - September as this allows them to better acclimate to colder temperatures.   
  • 4-H Special Interest (SPIN Clubs): One of our established program models is the 4-H SPIN Club which generally occurs over a six-week period. It is a SPecial INterest club with one focus area such as gardening, art, agriculture and more. In general, 4-H SPIN clubs are taught by 4-H or other professionals and interested volunteers. Time permitting, these can be tailored to your program needs. There are also garden SPIN Clubs taught by Franklin County OSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteers, which are dependent on the availability of those volunteers.
  • 4-H "Fridays": A new initiative which will roll out in 2024 is 4-H Fridays, a teacher-led program with a 4-H professional coordinating. Using a model developed by New Mexico 4-H, experiential activities using standards-based 4-H project books (available for a small fee) will be available. An additional component of the program is a 4-H Club meeting which will take place within your program. Please note that the program can be scheduled any day of the week. To learn more please visit here. To view standards-based Ohio 4-H projects that can be used in tandem with 4-H Fridays visit ohio4h.org/booksresources
  • Educator opportunities: Educator training such as workshops, conferences and tours are scheduled annually. This includes a school garden conference and other opportunities.  Watch our website for upcoming events and dates.

Contact Sue Hogan, hogan.239@osu.edu, for more information.

Note: For all opportunities, please contact us well in advance so that a quality program can be developed.