Would you like to experience the benefits of 4-H outside of a “traditional” community club? Bring the 4-H program to your school, afterschool program, library, or recreation center, etc. through our hands-on and engaging educational programs. Our OSU Extension, Franklin County staff also host educator workshops, a school gardening series, and other special events throughout the year. Contact Sue Hogan for more information about this year's opportunities.

School Enrichment Activities

  • ChickQuest: ChickQuest: A Classroom Journey through the Life Cycle of Chickens is a curriculum that challenges students to use science, engineering, and technology to investigate the life cycle of an embryonic chicken egg. Whether monitoring eggs or observing fluffy chicks, students will participate in a number of activities designed to pique curiosity, encourage collaboration, and provide young scientists with unforgettable experiences. Designed for grades 3 and 4, but available for all age groups, the curriculum is available for purchase at our OSU Extension, Franklin County office.
  • Real Money. Real World: Each year America's high schools graduate thousands of young adults who are unprepared to make financial decisions. Real Money, Real World is an active, hands-on experience that gives students the opportunity to make lifestyle and budget choices similar to those they will make as adults. It is intended to be a partnership of the county OSU Extension office, the school/afterschool program, and the business community. OSU Extension professionals have developed a curriculum that simulates real-life experiences to help youth achieve financial literacy, intended for grades 7-12. For more information click here or contact Stacie Burbage at burbage.1@osu.edu
  • Honey Bee Challenge: Take the honey bee challenge! Guided by OSU Extension professionals, youth can build a mini-robot out of a toothbrush and learn about honey bee pollination. The program is intended for grades 4-8 (younger with help) and is available for a fee of $5.50/person, which helps to cover a portion of the cost of materials.
  • Rockets Away!: Youth will discover the science of rocketry by launching bottle rockets. The school/afterschool program provides the 2-liter pop bottles and a large grassy area/field, and we'll do the rest for a nominal fee of $1 per child. Grades 3-8 (younger with help).
  • Garden Activities: If you want us to bring a seed planting activity to your STEM Night, contact Sue Hogan
  • 4-H SPIN Club: SPIN clubs are SPecial INterest clubs where K-12 youth focus on one topic throughout the short-term club. For more information on SPIN Clubs please contact Sue Hogan. You may view the SPIN Club brochure here.

School and Afterschool Gardening

  • Project Green Teacher: This is a series, near the Ohio State University campus, and is open to educators and others who would like to learn how to garden with children in school, afterschool and other settings. Some of the topics to be covered include site selection, sustainability, soil testing, a history of plant-based foods, behavior management in the garden, bees and native pollinators, garden specific activities such as mulching, composting and amending; integrated pest management, soil testing, growing vegetables, volunteer management, engaging stakeholders, hydroponics and aquaponics, the farm to school program and more. There is an opportunity to earn up to 22 contact hours, as well. 

  • School Garden Conference: Come explore the sense of community that a school garden creates, while also cultivating the diversity of plants and people that can be found in the garden. Sessions will focus on community-building, our common culture, cooking from the garden, different cultivars, basic garden information and more. As an exciting first step to expanding School Gardens of Ohio statewide, we will also be setting up regional networks at the conference. Cultivating Common Ground will be held at the Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center on Friday, October 28, 2022, 9AM - 3:30PM. Registration cost is $65. You may register at go.osu.edu/4hsgc22. You may view the event flyer here.

  • Project Green Teacher Newsletter Spring 2019